Presentations - 2007

  • Abrams, D., Tasiopoulou, K, Lima, L., Marques, S., & Coudin, G. European Social Survey Round 4 Module on Experiences and Expressions of Ageism. In: Third ESS National Coordinators Meeting, 22-23 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain. 
  • Abrams, D. Equality as a right? The dynamics of prejudice and discrimination. In: Invited presentation- British Institute of Human Rights Annual Conference, 18 June 2007, QEII Conference Centre, London, UK.
  • Abrams, D. Getting connected: Neighbourhood, community and intergenerational relationships. In: Plenary at Age Concern England Forum with Gordon Brown on The Future of The Family, 15 January 2007, London, UK.
  • Abrams. D. Processes of discrimination (and what to do about them): A brief survey of social psychological evidence. In: Presentation to the Equalities Review, 12 January 2007, London, UK.
  • Marques, S., Lima, M.L., Novo, R. The effects of implicit ageing stereotypes on comparative optimism regarding health. In: the 54th BPS Social Psychology Conference, 5-7 September 2007, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.
  • Marques, S., Lima, M.L. & Novo, R. The effects of aging stereotypes on risk perception of illness: The moderator roles of awareness and self-relevance. In: invited presentation to the Social Psychology Seminar series at the University of Kent, 2007, Canterbury, UK.
  • Marques, S., Lima, M.L., & Novo, R. “É da idade”: Uma perspectiva psicossociológica da percepção de risco de doença na idade avançada. In: the IV Encontro de Investigação em Psicologia Social e Organizacional, 1-2 March 2007, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal.

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