Melanie Vauclair won first prize for the Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award 2012, issued by the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology.


At the annual meeting of the European Social Survey Scientific Advisory Board (Brussels, 30th November), Dominic Abrams will be presenting a summary of some of the findings and output from the Eurage team's analyses of the ESS Age Module.

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The Gerontological Society of America is holding its 64th annual meeting in Boston (18th to 22nd November). In this meeting, which draws people in the field of aging from all around the world, Hannah will be presenting both her research looking at expressions of ageism in a popular TV quiz show, and a second talk titled ‘Predictors of Attitudes to Age in the European Social Survey’. Conveying findings from the Age Attitudes and Experiences of Ageism Module in the 2008/9 European Social Survey, this talk touches on the important issue of what shapes people’s perceptions and expectations about ageing.


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Dominic Abrams, Melanie Vauclair, Luisa Lima and Sibila Marques presented at a meeting of the Instituto do Envelhecimento (24th October). Dominic focused on ageism in the UK based on findings from analyses of the 'attitudes to age' module in the European Social Survey (ESS); while Melanie presented key findings from the DWP report 'Predictors of Attitudes to Age across Europe', which attempts to explain why European countries differ in their attitudes to age and experiences of ageism. Luisa also spoke on the ESS findings and Sibila on evidence for ageism in health, education, media, employment and communities, both focusing on Portugal.

This was also an opportunity for seven members of the EURAGE group to meet in Lisbon and discuss future research projects and the development of current projects.

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Sibila Marques attended the FUTURAGE road map launch conference in the European Parliament in Brussels (18th October; FUTURAGE road map launch conference).

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