EURAGE members Melanie Vauclair and Sibila Marques are currently conducting research testing an intervention that aims to reduce ageism in children. The project is funded by the FP7 Science in Innovation Program ‘SIforAGE’ (Proposal full title: Social Innovation on active and healthy ageing for sustainable economic growth; Proposal acronym: INNOVAGE) and entails designing, implementing and evaluating an innovative anti-ageism program for young adolescents (11-14 years) in Portugal and four other countries in Europe. The aim of the study is to evaluate two different kinds of anti-ageism interventions (intergenerational contact and cognitive sensibilization about ageism), looking at their ability to change stereotypical perceptions about older people in different cultures. A manual is being developed that includes information on all exercises and that can be used by researchers and practitioners who wish to conduct anti-ageism interventions. The implementation of the intervention is conducted in collaboration with Santa Casa da Misericordia ( 

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