A number of the EURAGE team made their way to New Orleans last week to present at the 66th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America. Dr Hannah Swift chaired the symposium “Social Psychological Perspectives on the Implications of Ageism for Health and for Health Care Professionals”. This distinctive symposium highlighted how ageism should be of concern within the health care setting. Dr Paul Nash demonstrated the need to look at health professionals implicit attitudes towards older adults which are not always in line with their explicitly expressed attitudes. EURAGE member, Ruth Lamont discussed how negative ageing stereotypes of declining competence are prevalent. Ruth’s presentation compiled a body of literature showing that these stereotypes can negatively affect the actual competencies of older adults. Hannah presented findings from her analysis of the European Social Survey. Her analyses showed that as older people´s age-identification increases, they report worse health, but only in countries where older people are perceived to have lower status. Libby Cuthbert also discussed how positive and negative contact with older residents in care individually relate to work satisfaction among carers, and their ageist attitudes. Each of these talks highlighted the significant impact that attitudes to age can have within the health care setting. Many thanks to Professor James Goodwin, head of research at AgeUK, for his contributions as discussant.

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