At this conference held in Cyprus, Professor Dominic Abrams' presentation provided an overview of the research conducted by the EURAGE team and summarised key findings from the Experiences and Expressions of ageism module fielded in the 2008/9 European Social Survey.  Research conducted by EURAGE has been widely presented to inform policy makers in the UK and in Portugal, as well as the EU, to stimulate political debate, and to test and develop psychological and sociological theories underpinning attitudes to age and experiences of ageism.  The presentation highlighted the substantial variation in attitudes to age both between individuals and countries, which extend to basic perceptions, such as views about when youth ends and old age begins, and people’s expectations of younger and older people.

The presentation showcased three current research papers exploring the impact of country level differences, such as wealth (e.g. Gross Domestic Product), income inequality, unemployment and cultural values on older people’s well-being, self-perceived health and the perceived status of people over 70 in society. 

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