Hannah Swift contributed to two symposium sessions and presented an individual paper at the 40th  British Society of Gerontology conference held at Plymouth University this year. Hannah organised a symposium titled “Our Big Old Society: Experiences and consequences of  Ageism”. The session aimed to enhance people’s understanding of the causes and consequences of ageism and relate these to the Government’s Big Society Agenda. In this symposium Eurage’s work for Age UK on the experiences of Ageism in the UK and across Europe was presented. Ruth Lamont, also from Eurage at the University of Kent presented experimental research demonstrating how stereotypes about older people can affect their physical performance.  We are grateful to Elaine Alden, Age UK research fellow at the University of Kent and Hazel Wardrop, Equality and Human Rights Commission ESRC-CASE PhD student who presented in this session.  We would also like to thank Su Ray, research advisor at Age UK for chairing the session.

In a second symposium titled “Old Attitudes: Varied Perspectives on Old Workers”  Hannah was invited to present findings from the Predictors of Attitudes towards Age report.  

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